A celebration of togetherness

When August comes – so do more than 55.000 beautiful people, ready for the most picturesque festival in Denmark: Smukfest. A celebration of life, love and togetherness to the sound of music and from the best international and Danish artists available.

This year’s Smukfest will be the 42nd edition – first one appeared in 1980.

It’s the second largest festival in Denmark, and it all takes place in the forest of Dyrehaven in Skanderborg. The main stage is located in a national amphitheatre surrounded by old beech trees, some of them more than 200 years old. This sets the scene of many magic and memorable concerts over the year.

It all started in 1980 with a little scene and a tarpaulin as roof. It was simply the idea of 5 very young men with a very big passion for music and unity. Despite earth closets, lots of rain and a deficit the first year, all 600-1000 attendants (according to notes from that time) had a lovely day.

Today, there’s more than 14.500 volunteers setting up Smukfest, the biggest artists from the whole world has visited the festival over the years and it is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and multifarious festivals in the whole world. But the essence of the festival is the same as almost 42 years ago, when it all started – it’s about love, living life and togetherness.

At Smukfest, we got room for everybody. Youngsters, older people, CEO’s and students, people from Jutland, Copenhagen and weird corners of all around the world. That’s why we make sure, that there’s experiences on different levels and for every taste at Smukfest.

Smukfest is run by a non-profit organization, owned by its members – most of them to be found in the 14.500 volunteers each year making the festival possible. 20% of the profits is donated to “Smukfonden” – supporting initiatives that works against loneliness and vulnerability. Smukfest is also running a music club, Walthers Musikcafé, with more than 100 concerts year round – and is supporting lots of local cultural initiatives.

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